Think Beauty; Think Zero Gravity!

Launched in 2017, Zerogravity Aesthetics is an import house that offers the best solutions for everything related to hair care, skin care, beauty, and wellness. The Gurgaon-based company is committed to delivering 100% on authenticity, safety, and efficiency of the products and services it offers. By providing a perfect and reliable solution, and instilling confidence in end-consumers, Zero Gravity aims to change the perception of beauty.


Zero Gravity has emerged as a much-needed disruption in the beauty market, which is paradoxically overflowing with toxic products that have been duping people with bogus promises of instant results. Coming to the aid of customers who had been misled till now, Zero Gravity brings leading international hair care and skin care brands to the Indian market and provides unadulterated, FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) approved and cruelty-free products. Moreover, its range of products are convenient to use and can be applied in a simple 3-step process without hassle.


In order to meet customers’ quest for quality beauty solutions and satisfaction,Zero Gravity has taken up the responsibility of providing safe, authentic and effective products and services to both salon professionals and end-customers. It currently offers a wide range of high-quality hair care products from four leading brands – including Amazon Keratin, Zero Gravity, ONC Natural Colors, and LA Girl –and is the exclusive distributor of the first three brands in India. Customers can purchases the products directly from its website or through leading e-commerce websites like Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.


Since its launch, Zero Gravity has gained widespread acceptance from people of all age groups and has carved its own niche within the Indian beauty market, thanks to its commitment to quality. With a 50-member team comprising a strong mix of well-qualified and experienced cosmetologists and technicians, Zero Gravity has established itself successfully in the North Indian market and plans to expand its presence on a pan-India level. With many more products in the pipeline, Zero Gravity envisions becoming the most trusted name in hair care and skin care products as well as services in the country.


Owing to small time players who have bombarded the industry with inferior and toxic products that harm hair or skin rather than doing any good, Zero Gravity Aesthetics LLP realizes the responsibility of providing youthful look with safe, genuine, authentic and effective beauty products and services. It is our vision to replace the hopelessness and helplessness feeling of people with credibility and confidence.


We aim to be the most trusted name in beauty, skin and haircare products as well as services

We aim to provide state-of-the-art beauty, skin and hair services with our qualified and experienced team of cosmetologists and technicians

Skin and hair problems may never be considered life-threatening diseases but they do steal peace of mind. We aim to change the perception of beauty by providing perfect & reliable solution