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Zero Gravity Aesthetics LLP brings you the prime products which are INNOVATED by the experts, made to ALLURE your beauty and ETENIFY it to infinity.

About Zero Gravity Aesthetics

Zero Gravity Aesthetics LLP is an import house of a cousin consortium Zero Gravity. With the best in beauty, skin and hair-care technology, Zero Gravity Aesthetics LLP  serves the safe and effective products which result in the customer satisfaction. It has a successful background in the beauty industry and has beauty outlets in the US dealing with over 100 color cosmetics and skin care brands.

Zero Gravity Aesthetics LLP offers the Luxury beauty, skin and hair care products. The products are 100 percent genuine and authentic, sourced directly from the brands. It has taken the distributorship of the very famous beauty brand LA Girl. Along with this, it has introduced Perfectio plus in India. Perfectio Plus is one of its kind machine launched in the country. LED has been a huge trend in the beauty industry. Perfectio Plus is the most effective and powerful Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle device which work on dual action techniques- Red LED light and Topical Heating Care. The effective LED techniques works on the deepest layers of skin that results in the best anti-aging treatment.

Apart from the color cosmetics and skincare line, Zero Gravity Aesthetics LLP have ventured into hair-care, wherein Zero Gravity Aesthetics LLP is dealing with Organic Hair Keratin which is also the first of its kind in India since the previously sold in the market was not organic. The Organic Keratin is the safest keratin treatment which does not harm the hair.

Zero Gravity Aesthetics LLP has ventured into the prime beauty, skin and hair-care products. Perfectio Plus, LA Girl, and Organic Keratin are the first to launch in India which are one of the most effective Anti-Aging, Cosmetic and Safe hair products.


Anamika Dutta

It’s a miracle! unlike those expensive plastic surgeries and Botox injections, Perfectio+ is 100% effective. It works with a topical heating system which slows down the aging process and the LED goes to the deepest layer of your skin which gives out the visible result. I recommend to everyone.

Meera J. Kaur

I am in my mid 30’s. I was afraid of losing my skin elasticity and luster. And those fine lines and aging skin was depressing. Then my dermatologist recommended my Perfectio+. Now I can say that I have a right and effective anti-aging technology which has reduced my skin’s aging process up to 90%.

Ragav Ahluwaliya

Great personality reflects through great skin. Perfectio+ has made my skin visibly younger. Its dual technology works like magic. The red LED light and topical heat tech. soothes the skin. This is the best anti-aging treatment till date.

Sarika Malhotra

Ever since I’ve started using Perfectio+, my skin feels so fresh and visibly younger. No red spots, no fine lines, no visible pores and no wrinkles. Indeed world’s best anti-aging technology. Worth money. A must buy.