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  • BTX Smoothing Treatment is a revolutionary product in the line of hair straightening technologies.
  • Its formula contains a proprietary combination of keratin, wheat protein, aloe Vera and collagen processed in a unique way to favor the infusion of amino acids deeply into the hair cortex.
  • In this pack, you will get two bottles of BTX smoothing treatment.
  • Size: 473 ML EACH.


  • BTX Smoothing Treatment is a treatment used for hair smoothing purpose. It is a Secret of Straight and Smooth Hair. It is an absolute product in the line of hair straightening techniques. Its formula contains a combination of keratin, Aloe Vera, wheat protein, and collagen. which make your hair healthier and gives you a professional look.
  • BTX is called BOTOX that is available with collagen in this treatment, which is designed for all kind of hair. It gives the best results on frizzy hair. If you have frizzy hair then you can use the BTX Smoothing Treatment. It is a quantum leap over traditional Keratin treatments.
  • BTX Smoothing Treatment delivers spectacular results. This treatment repair hair revises hair damage from overheating or environmental factors. The ingredient which BTX treatment have nurture damaged cortices reconstructs shaft cuticles and brings lifeless hair back to health and strength.
  • There are some products like green tea clarifying shampoo, BTX Smoothing treatment, passion fruit hydrate shampoo and deep hair mask which used in this treatment gives you the best results. It is very beneficial for frizzy, damaged hair. Clarifying shampoo removes the dirt and chemical from color treated hair. And BTX Smoothing treatment makes your hair shiny smooth and silky. Hydrate shampoo make your hair clean, and mask locks the hair for long, and your hair looks great. After the treatment, you need to maintain your hair to prolong the treatment. And you can use Daily care products to prolong the results of smoothing treatment.
  • This BTX Smoothing treatment extreme repair all kind of hair. Make your hair smooth, silky and shiny. BOTOX fill individual fibers of hair, help to give the fullness and make it smooth. It is a deep conditioning hair treatment. That coat fibers present in hair and fill space between them, such as keratin. This treatment fills any broken or thin areas on each hair strand to make your hair appear fuller, give more volume to hair and lustrous.


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