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  • Coconut oil smoothing Treatment is enriched with Organic Coconut Oil, Stem Cells and other natural ingredients processed in a unique way to promote the deep infusion of coconut oil in the cortex of the hair.
  • Designed for all types of hair.
  • Size: 473 ML.

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Coconut oil smoothing treatment is organic and naturally extracted. It is prepared by organic ingredients which nurture your hair naturally. This treatment is augmented with organic coconut oil, stem cells, and other natural ingredients which process in a queer way to promote smoothness and shine to the hair and make them manageable for up to 6 months.

This treatment works for maximum straightening and repairing of the hair. It is beneficial for all types of hair but particularly effective on very curly hair. Coconut oil smoothing Treatment makes hair super straight, frizz-less, and shiny.

The basic ingredient of Coconut oil smoothing treatment is “Coconut oil”. It encourages hair growth by getting deeper into the hair follicles. Coconut oil smoothing treatment promotes the scalp health, fights against hair problems, adds shine and glossiness to the hair. Coconut oil prevents hair breakage and split ends, contributing to hair length. Stem cells also help in preventing hair loss. So it can be a great option for hair growth.

Coconut oil smoothing treatment is a powerful hair straightening system which straight the hair in a unique and organic way. Other Keratin treatment contains formaldehyde but Coconut Oil Smoothing Treatment is totally formaldehyde free which never damages your hair.

It is scientifically approved that it is totally safe. Some other brands say they give great results in very less time, actually, the treatment which they use includes a heavy amount of formaldehyde which is very harmful to the hair.

After taking Coconut oil smoothing Treatment, you can prolong the effects of Keratin Treatment with the coconut oil daily care range. We also have Daily care range- Coconut oil shampoo, Coconut oil conditioner, Coconut oil hair Serum, Coconut oil hair mask and Coconut oil leave in cream.  All these products will help you to nurture your keratin treated hair for a longer period.




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