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This Kit Contains,

Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo 118 ml + Grape Extract Keratin Treatment 118 ml + Passion Fruit Hydrate Shampoo 118 ml + Keratin Deep Mask 473 ml

  • The Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo prepares hair for the Grape Keratin Treatment by removing residues and chemical impurities.
  • The Grape Keratin Treatment infuses keratin protein deeply into hair leaving it with a maximum straight look, smooth and healthy for up to 6 months.
  • The Deep Hair Mask helps in extending the duration of Grape Keratin Treatment by hydrating and nurturing hair.
  • The Passion Fruit Hydrate Shampoo helps in maintaining the results of your Smoothing Treatment.

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  • The process of taking grape keratin treatment kit is very simple you get your hair washed and blow dried straight. Then the stylist will apply the product to your hair and let it sit for about some minutes. After that, your hair is blow-dried and then flat ironed at a super high temperature.
  • Your hair will feel a little heavy with product and won’t move as well but you need to leave it in the three days before washing. Then hair looked super straight for those three days. The true test was after washing it. Would the product actually hold and make your hair straighter? When it was wet it looked pretty damn straight already. When you started you blow out your hair looked straight, soft,
    silky and light. You will be amazing. Then quick flat ironing over the whole thing and your hair looked the healthiest it has ever looked. It was shiny and had great movement.
  • The best part about the grape keratin treatment kit is that your hair will be beach and pool friendly. you don’t have to worry about your hair frizzing out after getting it wet on a hot summer day. It will naturally dry almost damn near pin straight. Then, if you wanted to do a quick blow dry to straighten it, you can actually do that!
  • Before washing and blow drying your hair was an hour+ the process that you had to reserve for Sunday nights. You never in a million years thought you’d have the wash and go hair. Keratin is a safe and less damaging hair straightening treatment that will really make your hair maintenance so much easier. Because it’s not a chemical treatment that means you can do things like coloring your hair without worrying about damage. In this case, grape keratin treatment kit is best in the quality.


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